Creating and editing libraries in Wikidata

Posted on Mon 19 February 2018 in Linked Open Data • Tagged with libraries, linked data, wikidata

Quick guide to describing libraries in Wikidata
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Voilà - Canada's new union catalogue is anti-discovery

Posted on Fri 02 February 2018 in Libraries • Tagged with libraries

Canada has a new union catalogue and it is rather disappointing
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Our nginx caching proxy setup for Evergreen

Posted on Thu 24 August 2017 in Libraries • Tagged with evergreen, coding, libraries

Details of our nginx caching proxy settings for Evergreen
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Enriching catalogue pages in Evergreen with Wikidata

Posted on Sat 12 August 2017 in Linked Open Data • Tagged with evergreen, coding, libraries, structured data

An openly licensed JavaScript widget that enriches library catalogues with Wikidata data
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Wikidata, Canada 150, and music festival data

Posted on Fri 02 June 2017 in Linked Open Data • Tagged with coding, libraries, structured data

At CAML 2017, Stacy Allison-Cassin and I presented our arguments in favour of using Wikidata is a good fit for communities who want to increase the visibility of Canadian music in Wikimedia Foundation projects.
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Wikidata workshop for librarians

Posted on Sun 28 May 2017 in Linked Open Data • Tagged with coding, libraries, structured data

Interested in learning about Wikidata? I delivered a workshop for librarians and archivists at the CAML 2017 preconference. Perhaps you will find the materials I developed useful for your own training purposes.
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Evergreen as a Progressive Web App?

Posted on Fri 14 April 2017 in Libraries • Tagged with Evergreen

Progressive Web Apps are pretty cool, and for good reason: the idea is to take advantage of the advanced features of our web browsers to provide capabilities that rival native apps, while still offering good performance and functionality to users of other browsers.

However, if you've done much reading about …

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Truly progressive WebVR apps are available offline!

Posted on Sun 19 February 2017 in Virtual Reality • Tagged with coding, libraries, progressive web apps, webvr

I've been dabbling with the A-Frame framework for creating WebVR experiences for the past couple of months, ever since Patrick Trottier gave a lightning talk at the GDG Sudbury DevFest in November and a hands-on session with AFrame in January. The @AFrameVR Twitter feed regularly highlights cool new WebVR apps …

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Posted on Sun 12 February 2017 in Linked Open Data • Tagged with coding, libraries, structured data

My slides from Ohio DevFest 2016:, Wikidata, Knowledge Graph: strands of the modern semantic web

And the video, recorded and edited by the incredible amazing Patrick Hammond:

In November, I had the opportunity to speak at Ohio DevFest 2016. One of the organizers, Casey Borders, had invited me …

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Concerns about copyright term extensions proposed for TPP

Posted on Thu 27 October 2016 in misc • Tagged with Libraries, libraries

I just sent the following email to the Government of Canada's Consulting Canadians on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) email address:


As an academic librarian, software developer, and occasional author, I would like to state my opposition to the proposals contained in the TPP text that would extend the term …

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