"A canonical example of a next-generation OPAC?"

Posted on Tue 02 October 2007 in Libraries

Ooh, yes, I remember writing that now. Not about Evergreen, which has book bags and format limiters and facets and whiz-bangy unAPI goodness whose potential for causing mayhem has barely been scratched - but about Fac-Back-OPAC, the Django-and-Solr-and-Jython beast that Mike Beccaria and I picked up from Casey Durfee's scraps pile, polished up with some multilingual support and RSS feeds and Unicorn integration, and unleashed upon the world. Calling it "a canonical example" is, in retrospect, rather obvious hyperbole (and what's with my use of the indefinite article ruining a perfectly good cliché?), but, in my defense, I wrote the bulk of the article on the long trip back from Atlanta and after several days of deep thought on Evergreen it felt good to just let the words flow. Ahhhhhhhhh.

Oh yeah, and one of the problems with writing on the road is that you have to remember to do your link-checking when you get connected. And I forgot -- so http://conf.code4lib.org wound up as a broken link. D'oh! But all that having been said, it's pretty cool to see my words (and Mike's words) in a print publication in my chosen field. And Fac-Back-OPAC, despite being encumbered with a pretty lousy name -- sorry -- is actually pretty nice to have as a backup. So, what the heck, take a peek at the article: it's a freebie from this month's issue of Computers In Libraries.

Next time around, I hope to be able to offer something a little more technical, and a little less self-indulgent.