Academic reserves for Evergreen: request for comments

Posted on Sat 12 July 2008 in Libraries

I've posted a second revision of the "academic reserves" requirements RFC. I'm not looking to boil the ocean with the first iteration of academic reserves for Evergreen (that's what third-party systems like ReservesDirect and Ares are for), but I am hoping that by engaging the community in a discussion we can ensure that we build something that satisfies the core set of requirements for academic institutions in the area of reserves. My lack of familiarity with what other institutions with more capable systems, or with local workarounds or third-party reserves systems installed, makes me nervous that I'm missing something obvious. So if you feel like weighing in on the discussion, please address your comments to the Evergreen General mailing list, add a comment here, or send me email if you prefer to keep your comments private.

The biggest change in the second revision of the RFC is the inclusion of a base set of requirements for electronic reserves. For physical items alone, the requirements expressed in the RFC go far beyond the capabilities of the ILS we currently use at Laurentian; getting even basic support for electronic reserves in Evergreen would be a huge win for us when we migrate.

That said, I'll probably start working on implementing a subset of the requirements real soon now; it should be easy enough to make a course correction should something significant turn up during the second round of comments.