An Evergreen track at the OLA SuperConference 2009?

Posted on Tue 28 October 2008 in Libraries

Just poked at the OLA SuperConference 2009 schedule (January 28 - 31, 2009) and found four sessions listed that are all about Evergreen. Wow! Check this out:




Description (may be abridged)


Thursday, January 29

9:05 am

It.s Just a Little Bit of Programming Isn.t It?

“Follow the progress of the Library @ Mohawk.s development of the open source ILS Evergreen. Hear the trials and tribulations and learn from the mistakes and successes that have occurred along the way . we are truly a learning organization on this project. We went live in summer 2008 . come and hear about where been, where we are and where we hope to be soon.”

Robert Soulliere, Systems Librarian; Cynthia Williamson, Collection & Access Librarian, Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology

Thursday, January 29

3:45 pm

Project Conifer: Evergreen library system for Ontario Universities

“Find out how the Evergreen open source library system, originally developed for a public library consortium, is being adapted for academic libraries by three Ontario universities. Discussion will focus on the challenges, successes and mistakes (err, .learning opportunities.) of the project.”

John Fink, Digital Technologies Development Librarian, McMaster University; Dan Scott, Systems Librarian, Laurentian University

Friday, January 30

9:05 am

Evergreen exposed: hacking the open source library system

“Join an Evergreen developer on a tour of the architecture and source code of the Evergreen library system [...] Get ready to get your hands dirty with Evergreen . this will be a session filled with code!”

William Erickson, Vice President, Software Development & Integration, Equinox Software Inc; Dan Scott, Systems Librarian, Laurentian University

Saturday, January 31

10:40 am

Multilingual Language Issues of Open Source ILS

“Discover the Chinese version of Evergreen along with various multilingual issues related MARC standards, encoding, indexing, searching, and sorting especially associated with Chinese language.”

Jason Zou, Systems Librarian, Lakehead University; Guoying (Grace) Liu, Systems Librarian, Leddy Library, University of Windsor

I was responsible for the sole Evergreen presentation at OLA SuperConference 2008 - it's awesome to see a lot more people jumping in this year! I'm keenly anticipating this conference - we'll have to set up at least one Evergreen "Birds of a Feather" session.