Committing to Evergreen

Posted on Sun 09 September 2007 in Libraries

Yesterday, over on the Evergreen blog, Mike announced that I am now a full committer to the Subversion repository for Evergreen. (It was blog post #100 for Evergreen, by the way - two milestones in one!). The road to getting here was pretty standard fare for open-source projects: submit patches that do useful things (like simplify build processes or add i18n support); listen to feedback about those patches and incorporate those lessons leanred into the next patches; and repeat, as described in Evergreen's contribution process:

From time to time, and as individual community members become more familiar and skilled with the complete codebase of Evergreen, some individuals may be asked to join the core team. We see this as both an honor and a responsibility, as this group is charged with being the final quality control mechanism for the source code, as well as helping other less experienced community members come up to speed. It is not simply a way to get code into Subversion, but also about mentoring new contributors and helping to keep the overall vision of the project in focus, tempered by the history and evolution of the code and lessons learned from past successes and failures.

I'm not just tooting my own horn, here. I think it's important to emphasize that the Evergreen community is healthy, welcoming to newcomers, and growing. I am honoured to join the Evergreen team (as Mike says, "again"), this time as a committer - and I look forward to helping the Evergreen community continue to grow.

If you're interested, there are plenty of ways to help us - through your contribution of use cases, documentation, graphics and design, patches, translations, testing... Hmm. I'm repeating myself a bit here :-) See you on the lists / IRC!