Conifer garners two awards from the Ontario Library Association

Posted on Thu 28 January 2010 in Libraries

The Ontario Library Association (OLA) announced its 2010 OLA and OLA Divisional Award winners today, and to my great surprise Project Conifer was named the winner of two awards:

  1. The Ontario College and University Library Association (OCULA) Special Achievement Award
  2. The Ontario Library Information Technology Association (OLITA) Award for Technical Innovation

All of the libraries in the Project Conifer consortium have been listed in the award announcement, and for good reason: everyone using the Evergreen library system since May 2009 has contributed to the project, be it by bug reports, or suggestions for enhancement, or sharing approaches to solving problems, or contributing code. This has been a real team effort, and make no mistake: the road has been bumpy at times, and there's a lot of road left to travel before we get to our destination. Dan furtively glances at the open list of requested enhancements on the Conifer ticket system and gets back to finishing off this blog post... The continuing support of staff and librarians across the consortium has been critical to keeping things moving in a very positive direction, and I'm delighted that they're being recognized for their efforts.