CouchDB: delicious sacrilege

Posted on Thu 28 February 2008 in Databases

Well, the talk about CouchDB (an open-source document database similar in concept to Lotus Notes, but with a RESTful API and JSON as an interchange format) wasn't as much of a train wreck as it could have been. I learned a lot putting it together, and had some fun with the content - and even though it was a marked departure from the style of many of the other presentations, I think it was generally positively received (at least, from what I could glean from the backscroll in #code4lib and from comments).

I veer towards the "here's how you do stuff" technical angle because that tends to be what I'm interested in hearing from other people. And even though a 20 minute slot is probably the wrong venue for technical information, CouchDB is so simple in some respects that it's actually enough to get the core message across.

Here are the slides for your amusement and enlightenment. At some point I'm going to write down the secret that lets you change the colour of hypertext links - I've learned and forgotten that a number of times already.

  • CouchDB: Delicious Sacrilege (OpenOffice Impress)
  • CouchDB: Delicious Sacrilege (PDF)