Evergreen RC2 and OpenSRF 1.0.1 are out

Posted on Fri 21 November 2008 in Libraries

As I announced on the Evergreen mailing lists last night:

One month after the first release candidate of Evergreen, the

Evergreen development team is pleased to announce the availability of

Evergreen, release candidate 2, from


A partial overview of the changes since RC1:

  • MARC importer / exporter enhancements

  • Improved support for marking long overdue items

  • Z39.50 client enhancements

  • An interface for switching locales in the staff client

  • Localization in every interface - although we have undoubtedly

    missed a few strings

  • Bundled Armenian and French (Canadian) translations

  • Performance improvements for new and changed item feeds

  • Various staff client, build, and source tree fixes

The complete change log between RC1 and RC2 can be

found here: http://open-ils.org/downloads/ChangeLog-

Please help us reach a solid final release by testing out RC2 with the freshly released OpenSRF 1.0.1 and reporting

problems, sending patches for improvements or fixes, or sending new or

updated translations to the Evergreen Development mailing list.

Coming soon for the RC2 release:

This release has been a long time in the making, and we'd love to have your help in testing it and flushing out bugs. Also, if you would like to contribute a translation, this is your chance to step up! We already have Brazilian Portugese (pt_BR), Georgian (ka), and Canadian English (en_CA) translations in the works, along with a commitment to update the Canadian French (fr_CA) translation. As this is the first real round of translations for Evergreen, I fully expect that there will be some work ahead of us to smooth out the translation process - but we have to take the plunge some time. Many thanks to Tigran Zargaryan and Natural Resources Canada for their respective contributions of the Armenian (hy_AM) and Canadian French (fr_CA) translations this summer; their willingness to be early guinea pigs for the translation process helped immensely.

Update: I noticed that the speedy Warren Layton beat me to the punch on the blog announcement of the releases. Warren's been very helpful with testing and suggestions for improvements to the documentation, so I don't mind being scooped at all :-)