Evergreen developer workshop at OLA SuperConference, February 24, 2010

Posted on Thu 28 January 2010 in Libraries

Given the the awards that Project Conifer will be presented with at the OLA SuperConference, this might be a good opportunity to mention the Customizing and Extending Evergreen: a guide for geeks workshop that I'll be giving on Wednesday, February 24th. The workshop description promises:

Together, we will break OpenSRF down into its constituent parts (JSON, XMPP) and put it back together again in Perl, Python, and JavaScript so that you can define new services, or integrate existing services into other applications and websites. You will learn how PostgreSQL underpins Evergreen's search indices and how to access and modify any data in the system with permission-based storage APIs; plus we will build new interfaces with the Dojo JavaScript framework Evergreen extensions.

That's a hefty agenda for a half-day workshop, but I promise to do my best to deliver on that promise... :-)