Evergreen on FLOSS Weekly: the aftermath!

Posted on Wed 01 September 2010 in Libraries

Update 2010-09-28: pedantic XHTML fix

The recorded version of the Evergreen episode of the FLOSS Weekly show was released over the weekend. I'm happy to say that Lynn watched it without looking too pained at any given point, and the Evergreen project has already had several responses to our plea for assistance so far, particularly on the packaging front, which is fantastic! Just having one more skilled helping hand makes all the preparation for and stress about the show worth it.

Several points that amused me about the show as I glanced over Lynn's shoulder:

  • In Randal's introduction, he said that I "worked for Coffee|Code", full-stop. Aside to Leila Wallenius, the University Librarian of Laurentian University: no, there's nothing I need to tell you, I'm still a full-time employee at the University and I'm not planning on going anywhere! (That said, Coffee|Code Consulting is a registered sole proprietorship that provides small blocks of consulting services for Evergreen software in my spare time).
  • For the first half of the show, my affiliation was shown as the (misspelled) http://coffecode.net. So of course I immediately ran out and bought that domain.
  • Co-host Dan Lynch expressed a wish that his own show, Linux Outlaws, had a guest list like FLOSS Weekly. Oddly enough, some time ago when the subject of librarians and their fanatical devotion to open access to information came up on Linux Outlaws, I had submitted a feedback form on their site saying (essentially) "hey, if you want to talk to a Linux-loving free software-developing librarian some time, I'm around..." but I think that comment went into the ether.

If I ever do a video interview like this again, I'm going to try to:

  • Prop my laptop up on a couple of LCSH books or attach a separate web cam at a proper height so it doesn't appear that I'm looking down on the viewer.
  • Cut down on the "uhm"s and "ahh"s and stare a bit more robotically at the camera instead of rolling my eyes as I rack my brains to come up with an answer
  • Stop rambling and trust the interviewers to take the show in the direction that their audience will be interested in instead of trying to jam in points that I think are important or interesting
  • Ensure that my erstwhile partner in crime has a better Internet connection