Finally tangoed with reveal.js to create presentations

Posted on Thu 26 September 2013 in Software Freedom

... and I have enjoyed the dance. Yes, I know I'm way behind the times. Over the past few years I was generating presentations via asciidoc, and I enjoyed its very functional approach and basic output. However, recently I used Google Drive to quickly create a few slightly prettier but much less reusable presentations. Where reusable means having quick access to the images, version control for tweaking code snippets, etc.

I was starting to feel pretty hypocritical, partially because Google Drive is not free software (and using and advancing free-as-in-freedom / open source software is very important to me), but also because my work has been focused on structured data. Google Drive does not generate content that contains structured data, so using purely presentation-oriented materials as a way of talking about structured data seemed deeply wrong.

Fortunately, reveal.js relies on plain old HTML5 + CSS, meaning that I can:

  1. Embed structured data, such as, in the presentation itself
  2. Get all the benefits of version control for the granular assets, and
  3. Put my hard-won CSS knowledge to work when I want the pretties (well, as pretty as anything I create).

For an example of a presentation I just put together with reveal.js, see Structuring data on the web with Not a bad look with the default stylesheets, although I did remove the text-transform: uppercase for headings. (I mean, who does that?!?)

Now I just need to overhaul my blog infrastructure...