FSOSS 2009: Project Conifer update

Posted on Tue 10 November 2009 in Libraries

Update: 2009-11-24 James Forrester of the Ontario Academy of Art and Design has posted a short video (Internet Archive) of the presentation. Thanks, James!

On Friday, October 30th, I presented a status update on Project Conifer at the Free Software Open Source Symposium (FSOSS). This was a follow-up to the talk I gave with John Fink at last year's FSOSS, with the hopefully interesting twist that instead of talking about what we were going to do, I talked about what we had done, and the lessons learned along the way.

This was a slightly modified version of the talk I gave at the Lyrasis/NELINET open source conference earlier in October, aimed at a more general audience. The talk was recorded and will be posted online at the FSOSS site at some point.

Here are the slides in (ODP) and (PDF) format. The speaker notes on the slides will give you the meat of the content.