In-depth _and_ official DB2 and PHP documentation

Posted on Tue 13 June 2006 in Databases

I should have mentioned this before, but now that I noticed Chris Jones' post on the Underground PHP and Oracle Manual, I felt obliged to point out that one of the final fruits of my labours at IBM is now visible in the DB2 "Viper" Information Center -- a set of task-oriented documentation that describes how to do all of the things that you really need to do with DB2 and PHP, using either the ibm_db2 or PDO_ODBC modules.

By "task-oriented" I mean that, instead of documenting a set of objects and methods, the docs take the perspective of a developer and describe how to accomplish specific tasks (like "Connecting to a DB2 database from PDO" or "Calling a stored procedure" or "Retrieving multiple result sets"). I hope it works as both a good introduction to PHP development for DB2 users, and a good introduction to DB2 for PHP developers. And, of course, the same approach will work for Apache Derby databases as well.

I find it interesting that Oracle has positioned their PHP documentation as "underground", while IBM has chosen to incorporate their PHP documentation into their official set of DB2 documentation. Oracle gets the points for coolness, but IBM's approach will make the pointy-headed types a bit more comfortable.

  1. Ok, one qualification: this is the DB2 Viper beta 1 documentation, so calling it "official" is a tad premature... but you get my drift. An example of the beta-ness of these docs is the table of contents entry for Executing XQuery expressions that remains tantalizingly empty... hmm, might it have anything to do with this CVS commit?
  2. Second qualification: I can't take full credit for the PHP docs in the DB2 manual, because they weren't frozen by the time I left IBM. And the DB2-related reference documentation from has been incorporated into the DB2 manual, which represents the efforts of doc writers as well. But I'll certainly take credit for any errors :-)

Update: Corrected bad XHTML (unescaped ampersand in URL). Bad Dan. And corrupted an intermediate version with garbage from another posting. Even worse.