Introducing SQL to Evergreen administrators, round two

Posted on Sat 16 February 2013 in Libraries

Three years ago I was asked to create and deliver a two-day course introducing SQL to Evergreen users. Things went well and I was able to share the resulting materials with the Evergreen and PostgreSQL community. Perhaps one of my happiest moments at the Evergreen conference last year was when one of the participants in that course, told me that many of his fellow participants were still successfully writing SQL queries and getting work done. Huzzah!

Time goes by and another group, OHIONET, was running into difficulties getting started with PostgreSQL and Evergreen. They asked me if I would be willing to give the same sort of training I had given a few years back. "Sure", I said, thinking it would be a great opportunity to polish the materials and add some updates to cover new features in PostgreSQL and Evergreen. We also opted to skip the travel and do an entirely virtual training session via Google Hangouts, which worked out rather nicely (but that's a different story).

As it turned out, I probably ended up putting about four days worth of effort (crammed into lots of late nights, weekends, and vacation days) into overhauling the instruction materials. But the results were worth it, in my opinion; I'm rather proud of the content, and while I believe it stands up on its own, the guidance that I was able to provide during the live instruction sessions was well-received by the participants.

Thus, I am pleased to be able to offer to the broader community the latest version of the Introduction to SQL for Evergreen Administrators, under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 (Unported) license.

So, a huge thanks to OHIONET for giving me the impetus to overhaul this material, and for giving me a chance to introduce them to the wonders of SQL with PostgreSQL, and to the inner workings of the Evergreen schema. It was a blast! And thanks for agreeing to let me share these materials with the broader community.