Linked data interest panel, part 1

Posted on Sat 28 June 2014 in Linked Open Data

Good talk by Richard Wallis this morning at the ALA Annual Conference on publishing entities on the web. Many of his points map extremely closely to what I've been saying and will be saying tomorrow during my own session (albeit with ten fewer minutes).

I was particularly heartened to hear him talk about the great potential for disintermediation of discovery of library resources, from aggregation by national and global providers like OCLC to directly crawling a library's own data and providing links directly to the library resources. This was one of the conclusions of the paper I published earlier this year.

I would have liked to have heard some mention of Evergreen, Koha, VuFind and other open source systems that are already publishing linked data, either in the context of SchemaBibEx where they served as reference implementations and proofs of concept, or in the context of system procurement. But you can't win them all!