Linked data irony, example one of probably many

Posted on Tue 30 July 2013 in Linked Open Data

I'm currently ramping up my knowledge of the linked dataworld, and ran across the Proceedings of the WWW2013 Workshop on Linked Data on the Web. Which are published on the web (yay!) as open access (yay!) in PDF (what?). Thus, the papers from the linked data workshop at the W3 conference cannot, themselves, offer up any linked data. The content looks great and includes tons of references, but although the references themselves mostly offers URLs to resources available on the web, even those URLs aren't clickable links!

This is almost certainly an artifact of the still dominant academic publishing process, in which print rules, but it's still a bit surprising and disappointing. That said, I'm happy to have access to the papers in whatever format... hopefully to help evolve towards a publishing approach that is more friendly to linked data and the web.