List of free software for Android (wiki)

Posted on Sun 16 May 2010 in Software Freedom

For some reason, I keep having trouble finding this handy free-as-in-freedom list of Android applications when searching Google. So if I blog it for myself, I know I'll be able to track it down easily in the future. I'm sure there are more applications to add to that wiki, by the way, so if you know of some, go ahead and edit. LinPhone, a nice VOIP application, was my contribution to the list (where "contribution" means "added the pertinent links to the wiki").

Update: 2010-05-18 Of course the Replicant effort to create a 100% free software stack to run on HTC mobile phones has another list of free-as-in-freedom Android apps. The two lists have significant overlap but neither one appears to be a superset of the other; they also appear to be tracking slightly different metadata about each app. Seems like it would be a nice job for someone to build a database-backed list of free software Android apps that could generate whatever format was desired (e.g. A-Z list by app name, limit by categories / license, etc) and just replicate that data to the various sites of interest.