Neat-o: Archimède uses Apache Derby

Posted on Tue 14 November 2006 in Databases

A while back I mentioned on the DSpace-devel mailing list that I was interested in adapting DSpace to use embedded Apache Derby as the default database, rather than PostgreSQL, as a means of lowering the installation and configuration barriers involved with setting up access to an external database. I haven't had time yet to actually carry out my musing, but today I had the chance to set up the Archimède institutional repository on a test server -- and imagine my surprise when I saw a derby.log file sitting in the Archimède repository. It looks like someone else at Université Laval had the same idea as me much further back.

It's still on my horizon to adapt DSpace to Derby; seeing that it works well for Archimède confirms my belief that it's the right direction to go.