Oh, Vista has _acquired_ SirsiDynix...

Posted on Wed 03 January 2007 in Libraries

A little over a week ago, I made the following prediction following the extremely under-the-radar press release on December 22nd that Vista Equity Partners was investing in SirsiDynix:

I'll go out on a limb and say that a merger or acquisition of SirsiDynix in 2007 is unlikely (33% confidence), but after proving their new business strategy and the nice spikes on their revenue and profit charts, I'll say that it's quite likely in 2008 (80% confidence).

Ed Corrado just pointed out the subsequent news release on December 27th that Vista has actually acquired SirsiDynix.

So, first: I failed to make any prediction about SirsiDynix being acquired in the last nine days of 2006. Shame on me for that oversight.

And second: press releases on December 22nd and 27th? I can't think of a better time to try to bury some news.

And third: given that five of the thirteen Vista-held companies profiled on Vista's web site have been acquired, I'm going to stick by my prediction that an acquisition in 2008 is a likely event.

Jessamyn picked up the story, adding some further info from a Huntsville Times news article. Her post drew some further details on the acquisition from Andrew Pace (who had his own blog post on the subject).

These are interesting times, indeed. I'm still waiting for Stephen Abram to blog about the acquisition, but here we are: 21 blog posts since December 22nd, the initial press release on the investment / acquisition, and not a single word about what this means to SirsiDynix or its customers.