Posting on the Laurentian University library blog

Posted on Fri 18 July 2014 in Libraries

Since returning from my sabbatical, I've felt pretty strongly that one of the things our work place is lacking is open communication about the work that we do--not just outside of the library, but within the library as well. I'm convinced that the more that we know about the demands on each other's time and the goals that we're trying to achieve, the more likely we'll be able to work together towards the same goals and have a better understanding of each other's challenges.

Towards that end, I've decided to try maintaining a work blog so that my colleagues will have a better idea about what I've been up to. I wouldn't be surprised if some of my peers think that I sit in my office all day browsing the internet (which, actually, happens sometimes but I swear I'm doing it to try and find a solution for a problem!), because the day-to-day work of a systems librarian can be pretty esoteric. And when you know that they have many expectations for you to fix the many small annoyances they have to deal with, it might help them to develop some empathy if they understand what you actually are spending your time on.

Anyway, I decided not to mirror the content here because, well, it's probably too site-specific to really be of interest to you, my dear readers. Whoever you are. However, I will link to the two entries that I've cranked out so far; you can decide if you want to follow along from there: