Structured data: making metadata matter for machines

Posted on Fri 12 April 2013 in Linked Open Data

Update 2013-04-18: Now with video of the presentation, thanks to the awesome #egcon2013 volunteers!

I've been attending the Evergreen 2013 Conference in beautiful Vancouver. This morning, I was honoured to be able to give a presentation on some of the work I've been doing on implementing linked data via in Evergreen. I think I did a good job of explaining the potential value of linked data and arguing for improving Evergreen's publishing ninja skills.

My slides, with a reasonable number of useful speaker notes to provide context, are available in LibreOffice format.[1]

In addition, the amazing organizers of the conference also streamed most[2] of the talk and the recording will be available on the conference web site in a week or two.


  1. I felt pretty dirty not using HTML5 + RDFa Lite to actually mark the whole thing up; there was some question close to the time of the conference as to whether anything but PPT or perhaps PDF would be an acceptable format... a concern that was subsequently removed, but a little too late to be worthwhile changing course.

  2. The room was standing-room only (well, sitting-on-the-floor-room only), and one of the organizers accidentally sat on and unplugged the Ethernet cable, so something like ten minutes were lost. Heh!