The State of Evergreen: OLA Presentation

Posted on Sat 02 February 2008 in Libraries

Well, despite getting less than four hours of broken sleep before my 9:00 am presentation, I think I successfully delivered an update on Evergreen:State of the Open ILS to approximately 45 people at the OLA Super Conference today. There were some great questions from the audience that kept me on my toes. Thank heavens David Fiander was there to provide colour commentary and solid advice. Overall, the talk seemed to be well received.

Perhaps the most pleasant surprise of the session was when I discovered that one of the libraries close to my old home town has been working for the last six months on migrating to Evergreen. Marvelous!

If you want the slides from my presentation, I've licensed them under a Creative Commons 2.5 By Attribution license. Presentations available below in two different formats: