Wrap-up: Evergreen developer workshop at OLA SuperConference 2010

Posted on Mon 01 March 2010 in Libraries

To summarize the results of the Evergreen developer workshop at the OLA SuperConference, I think things went pretty well. The primary focus this time was on the nuts and bolts of building a minimal OpenSRF service and I saw the lights go on in a number of faces as I broke it down. Things got a little hand-wavy in the final half-hour when I leapt into the Dojo JavaScript widgets that have been custom-built for Evergreen interfaces such as the administration and acquisitions functionality. In retrospect, the first half of the session deserves its own half-day, and the second half of the session similarly deserves its own half-day, and something had to give this time around.

I focused on getting hands-on, and for the most part I think it was a success - although even though I had packaged up a virtual image, we still ran into some problems getting it running on some laptops. And due to some communications problems, about half of the participants weren't ready for a hands-on session (read: no laptop, or a netbook that couldn't handle a virtual image). I have real hopes that we'll see some contributions in the next few months from some of the participants, which would be a huge win for Evergreen.

Without any further ado, here are the materials for the session (all of which are made available to you under a Creative Commons By Attribution-Share-Alike Canada 2.5 license):