Amber's first birthday

Posted on Wed 09 May 2007 in Family

Amazing. 365.25 days have flown past and Amber is now a walking one year old featuring approximately six teeth, fuzzy / curly hair, and an extremely expressive personality. We held a party for her on her birthday and were lucky to have family and friends visit and call to share their love for Amber. Here are a few pictures from yesterday's celebrations:

Lynn made this absolutely delicious carrot cake and pink icing from scratch.

Amber enjoyed the icing, but didn't eat too much cake... she didn't even smash it to bits or smear it all over her face. Crazy kid. I'm not sure how Lynn happened to end up making carrot cake, my personal favourite, when she usually isn't a big fan of it. I guess I'm just really, really lucky. This cake was so good, though, that Lynn liked it and would consider making it again -- YEAH!

Amber had the most fun rolling the purple ball around the floor.

The ball in Adam's hand comes from an amazing shape-sorting machine that features lights, sounds, music, and acts as a walker. It seems to have almost magnetic powers to attract the Amber unit. Big thanks to old man Uncle Mike, Christine, and Adam for getting something right up Amber's alley!

Lynn, Calev, Amber, and Deirdre all participated in the opening of presents.

The pink jeep in the foreground was originally Abby's -- thanks David and Karen! Calev is going to get to enjoy his first birthday in just a couple more months, so this was good practice for him. Calev lives up the street from us, and there's hope that maybe early contact with other children her age means that Amber won't grow up to be as curmudgeonly and anti-social as her dad...

So... thanks to everyone who sent cards, called, emailed, or dropped by to share in Amber's first birthday. We really appreciate it, and Amber certainly felt the love. She's very lucky to be growing up with so many people who care about her.


And here's the gathered throng singing happy birthday...