10 years ago you...

Posted on Thu 20 October 2011 in Family • Tagged with Personal

... walked out of a pub ...
... stood with me before the falls, in front of our friends and family ...
... looked radiant in the harvest sun ...
... said your vows (after I valiantly flicked a ladybug away) ...
... improved my life immeasurably.

Thank you Lynn. You are my sun and moon and stars.

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Oh those kids

Posted on Fri 26 November 2010 in Family • Tagged with Amber, Arik


The orange hair gel didn't make my hair very orange, but it did a great job on my face. Don't ask me what I'm supposed to have been; I was just there for the yuks.


Daddy's side of the jack'o'lantern.


Amber's side of the jack'o'lantern, transferred from her conceptual drawing …

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Long overdue pictures of Arik

Posted on Mon 14 September 2009 in Family • Tagged with Arik

Arik lying on his back

On the comfy handmade quilt that cousin Janet made for him

Arik lying beside a laughing Amber

With the ever-hamming big sister

Arik wearing a bib

The ability to eat solid food is not necessarily a prerequisite for entry to university

Naked Arik crawling on his belly

Risque! Look for a similar pose from him in a centerfold in about 20 years.

Arik and Amber strapped in a bike trailer

The MEC double bike …

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Rewards of northern living

Posted on Tue 08 September 2009 in Family • Tagged with Personal

When we moved to Sudbury, one of the draws was the wealth of trails available to us for hiking, biking, and cross country skiing. Between work and school and the arrival of Arik and Amber, however, it's somewhat rare for us to take advantage of those trails that are literally …

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Arik and Amber update

Posted on Sun 01 March 2009 in Family • Tagged with Personal

Arik is just over eight weeks old now (and over fifteen pounds!), so I'm long overdue to post some photo updates of the family. The following photo was taken when Arik was about six weeks old. He loves the sling; so does his Mommy, and and so does his Daddy …

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Just in time delivery - Arik Nathan

Posted on Mon 29 December 2008 in Family • Tagged with Arik

image049 minutes before Christmas, Arik Nathan Kabaroff-Scott was born - much to the delight of his mother. Well, and father too, but some of us are pickier about avoiding holidays as birth dates than others... Arik weighed in at 8 pounds 11 ounces, and was 23 inches long, although his bulk …

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Amber's first birthday

Posted on Wed 09 May 2007 in Family • Tagged with Amber

Amazing. 365.25 days have flown past and Amber is now a walking one year old featuring approximately six teeth, fuzzy / curly hair, and an extremely expressive personality. We held a party for her on her birthday and were lucky to have family and friends visit and call to share …

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Milestones: walking

Posted on Sun 18 March 2007 in Family • Tagged with Amber

Our baby is growing up so fast. Near the end of February she tottered a couple of tentative steps from me to Lynn.

Last weekend, she walked right across Jason and Kelly's kitchen floor. You can see for yourself if you don't believe me!


By popular demand, I've posted …

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"We want Amber! We want Amber!"

Posted on Sun 24 December 2006 in Family • Tagged with Amber

Okay, okay... I've heard the complaints (which have been streaming in over the past couple of weeks). The general tone is something like this:

So I've been checking this site that is dedicated to celebrating all of the wonder that is Amber, and all I've seen is a bunch of …

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It's Hallowe'en, baby!

Posted on Thu 02 November 2006 in Family • Tagged with Amber

No candy for Amber this year... just unbearable cuteness!


Her first tooth is poking through her gums, and it was a bit of a tough process for her, but she always has lots of giggles and smiles for us.

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