Arik and Amber update

Posted on Sun 01 March 2009 in Family

Arik is just over eight weeks old now (and over fifteen pounds!), so I'm long overdue to post some photo updates of the family. The following photo was taken when Arik was about six weeks old. He loves the sling; so does his Mommy, and and so does his Daddy (who has an extra-large version to fit his extra-large frame). Amber prefers us to use the Austin Powers-style baby carrier, though.


Three most important people

Janet sent us this fabulous soft, warm quilt for Arik that will undoubtedly accompany him for years to come. In this picture, he's lying on the floor in our living room soaking up a bit of the sunshine on a warm February day in Sudbury (it happens, honestly!):


A study in contrasts (quilt courtesy Janet)


Spook loves Arik (and the quilt, and sunshine) too

Amber loves Arik. Loves holding him, loves singing to him, loves being sung songs featuring both of them that Daddy makes up on the spot... only sometimes is that a detriment when Arik is sleeping and she wants to wake him up :-)


Big sister doesn't look _that_ big next to Arik

Amber also loves the camera. (For the dentists out there, she is on a weaning program for her pacifier, don't worry)



Arik apparently likes the camera too.


Mugging, part two

*Updated: 2009-03-01 Thumbnails were all linked to the same image... fixed!*