10 years ago you...

Posted on Thu 20 October 2011 in Family • Tagged with Personal

... walked out of a pub ...
... stood with me before the falls, in front of our friends and family ...
... looked radiant in the harvest sun ...
... said your vows (after I valiantly flicked a ladybug away) ...
... improved my life immeasurably.

Thank you Lynn. You are my sun and moon and stars.

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Linux on the desktop, ten years later

Posted on Wed 09 September 2009 in misc • Tagged with Personal

It's a running joke at the Linux Weekly News at the start of each year to predict that "this will be the year of Linux on the desktop". In our household, it's been Linux on the desktop for over ten years now.

A week or so ago, I received an …

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Rewards of northern living

Posted on Tue 08 September 2009 in Family • Tagged with Personal

When we moved to Sudbury, one of the draws was the wealth of trails available to us for hiking, biking, and cross country skiing. Between work and school and the arrival of Arik and Amber, however, it's somewhat rare for us to take advantage of those trails that are literally …

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Arik and Amber update

Posted on Sun 01 March 2009 in Family • Tagged with Personal

Arik is just over eight weeks old now (and over fifteen pounds!), so I'm long overdue to post some photo updates of the family. The following photo was taken when Arik was about six weeks old. He loves the sling; so does his Mommy, and and so does his Daddy …

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Seven things

Posted on Mon 09 February 2009 in misc • Tagged with Personal, PHP

I was tagged by Lukas for the "7 things" meme, and meant to do something about it, but I've been kind of preoccupied with the new baby and the sprinting toddler and work. Anyway, it seems like a heck of a lot more reasonable than the evil Facebook's "25 things …

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For the paranoid: deleting Flash local storage objects

Posted on Thu 30 October 2008 in misc • Tagged with Personal

I'm reasonably careful about the cookies I accept from Web sites - I don't want companies to be able to track every site I visit, for example, so that they can build a nice little profile about me. It's for the protection of the companies more than anything else: someone there …

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Like taking cotton balls out of my ears

Posted on Wed 09 January 2008 in misc • Tagged with Personal

We don't watch a lot of TV; maybe four hours a week. But we noticed in the past year or two that a few of the shows we enjoy have muddy soundtracks due to speech being mixed over top of background music and various sound effects that makes the words …

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SNO? Bah. How about SCO?

Posted on Sun 24 June 2007 in misc • Tagged with Personal

You've heard of the SNO (Sudbury Neutrino Observatory) before. This morning we were treated to the SCO (Sudbury Comedian Observatory) project; while walking through the Farmer's Market, Lynn spotted a familiar face at a table. It turned out that this single table had Deb McGrath, Robin Duke, Teresa Pavlinek, Jayne …

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What's that all about?

Posted on Fri 23 February 2007 in misc • Tagged with Personal

In a post on the priorities of Canadian academic insitutions on academics vs. sport, Ted Schmidt wrote a number of words that I agreed with, among which were:

200 spectators watching a beautifully coached University of Toronto team take on the Laurentian Voyagers in the biggest city in Canada. 200 …

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Reflections at the start of 2007

Posted on Wed 03 January 2007 in misc • Tagged with Coding, Personal, PHP

2006 was a year full of change - wonderful, exhausting change. Here's a month-by-month summary of the highlights of 2006:

I did a whole lot of work on the PECL ibm_db2 extension, reviewed a good book on XML and PHP, and finally fixed up my blog a little bit …

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