Concerns about copyright term extensions proposed for TPP

Posted on Thu 27 October 2016 in misc • Tagged with Libraries, libraries

I just sent the following email to the Government of Canada's Consulting Canadians on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) email address:


As an academic librarian, software developer, and occasional author, I would like to state my opposition to the proposals contained in the TPP text that would extend the term …

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Chromebooks and privacy: not always at odds

Posted on Sat 11 June 2016 in misc • Tagged with Coding, coding

On Friday, June 10th I gave a short talk at the OLITA Digital Odyssey 2016 conference, which had a theme this year of privacy and security. My talk addressed the evolution of our public and loaner laptops over the past decade, from bare Windows XP, to Linux, Windows XP with …

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FibreOp PVR update (late 2015) causes Slingbox "Weak or no video signal" problem (SOLVED)

Posted on Sun 03 January 2016 in misc

TLDR: Set the HDMI output resolution on your PVR to 1080i instead of 1080p, and the component outputs on your FibreOp PVR will start working again, and therefore your Slingbox will start working again.

I purchased a Slingbox 350 a few years ago for the rare time I want to …

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We screwed up: identities in loosely-coupled systems

Posted on Sun 04 October 2015 in misc • Tagged with Coding, coding

A few weeks ago, I came to the startling and depressing realization that we had screwed up. It started when someone I know and greatly respect ran into me in the library and said "We have a problem".

I'm the recently appointed Chair of our library and archives department, so …

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Research across the Curriculum

Posted on Wed 15 April 2015 in misc • Tagged with Coding, Libraries, coding, libraries

The following post dates back to January 15, 2007, when I had been employed at Laurentian for less than a year and was getting an institutional repository up and running.... I think old me had some interesting thoughts!


The author advocates an approach to university curriculum that re-emphasizes the …

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Social networking for researchers: ResearchGate and their ilk

Posted on Tue 18 November 2014 in misc • Tagged with Coding, Libraries, coding, libraries

The Centre for Research in Occupational Safety and Health asked me to give a lunch'n'learn presentation on ResearchGate today, which was a challenge I was happy to take on... but I took the liberty of stretching the scope of the discussion to focus on social networking in the context of …

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Building the Mozilla Location Service

Posted on Mon 24 February 2014 in misc • Tagged with Android, FSOSS, android, fsoss

tl;dr Mozilla is building a location service and you can help by running MozStumbler on your Android device.

Map showing Northern Ontario with line from Sudbury to Ottawa

Last week I drew the blue line from Sudbury to Ottawa you see in the above map by running MozStumbler on my phone as we headed out to celebrate Winterlude. One …

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We're not waiting for the ILS to change

Posted on Fri 21 February 2014 in misc • Tagged with Evergreen, evergreen

Over at the Metadata Matters blog, Diane Hillman wrote Why Are We Waiting for the ILS to Change?, asking (in the context of the difficulties libraries experience in making their systems work with RDA):

What I saw underlying that conversation was the assumption that the only way change could happen …

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Ups and downs

Posted on Thu 30 January 2014 in misc • Tagged with Coding, Evergreen, PHP, Structured data, coding, evergreen, php, structured data

Tuesday was not the greatest day, but at least each setback resulted in a triumph...

First, the periodical proposal for I have poured a good couple of months of effort into--took a step closer to reality when Dan Brickley announced on the public-vocabs list that he had …

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Want citations? Release your work!

Posted on Tue 21 January 2014 in misc • Tagged with Coding, Structured data, coding, structured data

Last week I was putting the finishing touches on the first serious academic paper I have written in a long time, and decided that I wanted to provide backup for some of the assertions I had made. Naturally, the deadline was tight, so getting any articles via interlibrary loan was …

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