A slice of sabbatical

Posted on Tue 21 January 2014 in misc • Tagged with Evergreen, Structured data, evergreen, structured data

Yesterday I tested, signed off, and pushed a bunch of bug fixes for the Evergreen library system. Not going to lie; I'm hoping that by clearing up some of the backlog, a few of my own code contributions (like "Add per-library info pages with schema.org structured data support" and …

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Parsing the schema.org vocabulary for fun and frustration

Posted on Thu 01 August 2013 in misc • Tagged with Coding, coding

For various reasons I've spent a few hours today trying to parse the schema.org vocabulary into a nice, searchable database structure. Unfortunately, for a linked data effort that's two years old now and arguably one of the most important efforts out there, it's been an exercise in frustration.


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Introducing version control & git in 1.5 hours to undergraduates

Posted on Sun 20 January 2013 in misc • Tagged with Coding, coding

Our university offers a Computer Science degree, but the formal curriculum does not cover version control (or a number of other common tools and practices in software development). Students that have worked for me in part-time jobs or summer positions have said things like:

if it wasn't for that one …

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Triumph of the tiny brain: Dan vs. Drupal / Panels

Posted on Thu 18 October 2012 in misc • Tagged with Coding, Perl, PostgreSQL, coding, perl, postgresql

A while ago I inherited responsibility for a Drupal 6 instance and a rather out-of-date server. (You know it's not good when your production operating system is so old that it is no longer getting security updates).

I'm not a Drupal person. I dabbled with Drupal years and years ago …

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Finding DRM-free books on the Google Play store

Posted on Wed 01 August 2012 in misc • Tagged with Coding, coding

John Mark Ockerbloom recently said, while trying to buy a DRM-free copy of John Scalzi's Redshirts on the Google Play Store: “The catalog page doesn’t tell me what format it’s in, or whether it has DRM; it instead just asks me to sign in to buy it.” I …

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Enabling mod_wsgi with LDAP access under Fedora 17

Posted on Wed 11 July 2012 in misc • Tagged with Evergreen, evergreen

Continuing my path of new problem to solve = opportunity to try something new, I opted to give web.py a shot as a Web front-end for an existing script I had put together to provision users in our Evergreen library system based on their LDAP entry. The goal was to …

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Farewell, old Google Books APIs

Posted on Fri 27 May 2011 in misc • Tagged with Coding

Since the announcement of the new v1 Google Books API, I've been doing a bit of work with it in Python (following up on my part of the conversation). Today, Google announced that many of their older APIs were now officially deprecated. Included in that list are the Google Books …

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On avoiding accusations of forking a project

Posted on Wed 29 September 2010 in misc • Tagged with Coding, Evergreen

Sometimes forking a project is necessary to reassert community control over a project that has become overly dominated by a single corporate rules: see OpenIndiana and LibreOffice for recent examples. And in the world of distributed version control systems, forking is viewed positively; it's a form of evolution, where experimental …

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Moving from Figaro's Password Manager (FPM) to KeePassX

Posted on Fri 28 May 2010 in misc • Tagged with Android, Python

Update 2017-10-18: linked to gitlab instead of gitorious; thanks Petter Reinholdtsen!

I'm one of those people who actually keeps different passwords for every site and service I use. So far I'm up to over 400 passwords, so I'm dependent on a password manager. For a long, long time I have …

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Using Fedora's liveusb-creator on Ubuntu Lucid Lynx

Posted on Thu 27 May 2010 in misc

I migrated from Ubuntu Karmic to Ubuntu Lucid a few weeks ago, but am looking to make the jump either to Debian Squeeze or Fedora. I haven't used Fedora for ages, so I thought I would give the latest release (Fedora 13 "Goddard") a try. I wanted to use a …

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