Posted on Mon 25 September 2006 in Family • Tagged with Personal

Every once in a while I'm allowed to get hysterical, okay?

According to CBC Radio in Sudbury, there's a 150 kilogram black bear prowling around our neighbourhood, tearing apart garbage and causing great concern for residents. We've brought it on ourselves, though. Apparently my neighbours are so filthy that they've …

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Another day, another 5K

Posted on Sun 10 September 2006 in misc • Tagged with Personal

Lynn and I ran a 5K (the Ramsey Lake Tour) this morning with Amber in the stroller. The route was pretty much the same route I take to work, so we opted to walk over to the University for the event. Of course, we were running late thanks to Missy …

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I'm not as sore as I thought I would be

Posted on Tue 22 August 2006 in misc • Tagged with Personal

Although my fingers are pretty sore after writing this entry.

Over the weekend, our household participated in the Orillia Triathlon, Duathlon and Try-a-Tri. A couple of weeks ago, Lynn decided that she was ready to jump back into the triathlon waters with a Try-a-Tri (350m swim, 10k bike, 2.5k …

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Northern Ontario scenery

Posted on Thu 03 August 2006 in misc • Tagged with Personal

Just wanted to post a couple of pics we took during the past few weeks.


Walkway over the French River

About a half an hour south of Sudbury on highway 69 is the French River information centre. The centre is brand new and boasts an impressive display on the origins …

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The rough beast slouches towards Lively

Posted on Fri 07 July 2006 in misc • Tagged with Personal

On Canada Day, Lynn mentioned the Firecracker 5K race around 5:15 PM as we were driving home from visiting Charlotte's family. Crazy, spontaneous me hemmed and hawed about it for another 45 minutes while ingesting a hot caramel sundae and a spoonful of my freshly made rhubarb crumble, then …

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Passing, brighter than ever before

Posted on Fri 07 July 2006 in misc • Tagged with Personal

I found out yesterday that one of my colleagues, Alain Letourneau, passed away overnight. He was just 41. He died of a brain hemorrhage after he fell and banged his head while shopping at a local mall.

The crazy thing is that nobody, including Alain himself, really expected him to …

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Tour de Sudbury

Posted on Thu 15 June 2006 in misc • Tagged with Personal

On the cold, grey, windy morning of Saturday, June 10th, Lynn kicked my butt out of bed for the 26 km Tour de Sudbury. Over the past years I've built up a tradition of long-ish June bike rides, from the Ride for Heart in Toronto with Mike, David, et al …

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Holiday shopping for a MiniDV camcorder

Posted on Mon 17 April 2006 in misc • Tagged with Personal

Over the weekend I ordered a Sony DCR-H36image0 HandyCam camcorder from Best Buy Canada... the unit was on sale for $50.00 off, the shipping cost was $0.00, and its going to arrive within a couple of days. We have to have something to capture all of the images …

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Walk to work with me

Posted on Mon 10 April 2006 in misc • Tagged with Personal

I took these photos about a week ago to document my walk to work. I skipped the first half, which takes me through residential neighbourhoods, because heck, you've all seen houses and pavement before. But for those of you who are still wondering why we would pull up stakes and …

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Theatre of the macabre

Posted on Sat 01 April 2006 in misc • Tagged with Personal

Lynn and I went to see Carnival Diablo last night at the Mine Mill Navy League Hall. Most of Sudbury's goth teen population was there -- probably about 150 attendees in all -- but I think our quasi-yuppie style mixed with Lynn's big baby belly at a late-night carny revival show was …

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