Baby shower from Jamie's point of view

Posted on Wed 22 March 2006 in Family • Tagged with Personal

Courtesy of Jamie Roberts, here is an awesome (and completely unsorted) set of photos from this past weekend's baby shower! Click on the thumbnail to see a bigger version of any given photo.

image0 image1 image2 image3 image4

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Thanks …

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Posted on Mon 27 February 2006 in Databases • Tagged with Personal

After almost eight years, today is my penultimate day at IBM.

I've done a lot of interesting work for IBM in that time. From learning about Linux back in 1998 by testing the pre-release DB2 Version 5.2 beta for Linux, to writing the original DB2 for Linux HOWTO for …

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Simple wonder

Posted on Mon 20 February 2006 in misc • Tagged with Personal

Last weekend I was assigned the task of priming and painting our bedrooms. The previous owners had decided to use bold, garish colours, which meant that I was doomed to prime and reprime before I would even have the chance of adding some of our own "style" to the house …

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Time travelling

Posted on Tue 14 February 2006 in misc • Tagged with Personal

February 14th, 2006

It's 6:15 am on a Tuesday morning. I am sleep deprived and half hung-over from the paint fumes I have filtered through my lungs in preparing the baby's room this weekend. Despite this, I'm anxiously awaiting your arrival at the bus station. It has been days …

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Blogs of substance

Posted on Sun 12 February 2006 in misc • Tagged with Personal

Hmm... for a good break from my drivel about poker and databases (and, somewhere in the distance, my coffee -- oh my coffee!), try Distant Ramblings. For one thing, the writer is talented. For another, she lives in an extremely interesting place in an extremely interesting time: try Israel, now. She's …

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Coffee|Code tweaks

Posted on Wed 04 January 2006 in misc • Tagged with Personal

I use Serendipity for my blog software. Other Serendipity users will note that I'm pretty much using the default template for the site. Boring! For the most part, that's because I'm more focused on generating content (slim pickings though they may be) versus putting time into design. Substance versus style …

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Podcasts suck

Posted on Thu 22 December 2005 in misc • Tagged with Personal

As a means of conveying information, podcasts suck.

  • There's no good way of searching the content of an aggregate of podcasts through the likes of Google or Yahoo!.
  • There's no good way of rapidly scanning through a single podcast for a particular keyword: the equivalent of CTRL-F or "/" in your …

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My online poker habit

Posted on Sat 15 October 2005 in Gaming • Tagged with Personal

Well, I seem to have caught a bit of the online poker bug. I started playing poker a few years ago on a monthly basis with friends from work, and had a lot of fun, but the frequency died down when the host's first child arrived and I found myself …

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Mmmp3 player, new toy

Posted on Sun 14 August 2005 in misc • Tagged with Personal

The Background

A few years ago I had a Neuros 20GB audio player. It met my two primary requirements: Linux-friendly and capable of playing OGG Vorbis files. I have ripped most of my CD collection to Vorbis format, and the files all sit on Linux at home because that's what …

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Dan, meet Zak. Zak, meet Kees.

Posted on Mon 08 August 2005 in Software Freedom • Tagged with Personal

While at OSCON, I finally met Zak Greant, the EZ Systems developer and former MySQL Community Advocate from Vancouver who Chris Shiflett had mistaken me for at php|tropics. In an apparent attempt to forge his own identity, Zak had shaved his goatee and grown his hair, making him look …

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