Walk to work with me

Posted on Mon 10 April 2006 in misc

I took these photos about a week ago to document my walk to work. I skipped the first half, which takes me through residential neighbourhoods, because heck, you've all seen houses and pavement before. But for those of you who are still wondering why we would pull up stakes and move from the heart of the city to Sudbury, I thought that walking a mile (or two!) in my boots might help you understand.

Three mallard ducks in a pond

This little pond, complete with ducks as of the end of March, is the first real feature that I encounter on the path. I look forward to it every day.

Path to Laurentian

There are lots of other people who enjoy this nice, gravel path through the woods: dog walkers, cyclists, joggers, parents with their children all share this space.

Lake Nepahwin

Lake Nepahwin is a feature on the left-hand side of the path on my way to work. There's a quiet little beach that we can go to in the summer.

Long path

As you can see, I get a decent workout on my way to work; this is the second half of the path which is now leading away from Lake Nepahwin. You can also see that my photography slows me down a bit, as my fellow walker is well ahead of me now.

Uphill climb

There's a good climb between the main path and Laurentian campus, well-worn by the feet of students, staff, and faculty who take the same route as me.

Laurentian campus

Laurentian campus: my office is just around the red brick bulge on the left.