Another day, another 5K

Posted on Sun 10 September 2006 in misc

Lynn and I ran a 5K (the Ramsey Lake Tour) this morning with Amber in the stroller. The route was pretty much the same route I take to work, so we opted to walk over to the University for the event. Of course, we were running late thanks to Missy Amber so we walked at a fast enough pace that Lynn ended up getting a bit of a stitch in her side on the way over. It was a little more of an intense warm-up than we had anticipated.

The race itself went well; we decided to make it a true family event and stayed together throughout the entire event. Even though half the course was over a gravel path, the stroller didn't hold us back much at all; we posted a time of 30:19, which isn't too bad given that my previous 5k result sans stroller was only about 2.5 minutes faster. Lynn and I finished well back in our categories, but I'm sure Amber took first place in the infant category! She certainly seemed to enjoy being in motion; her only complaints came when we were standing still waiting for the race to begin, or hanging out post-race shooting the breeze with some of the other participants.

The 5k run, and corresponding 5k brisk walk to/from the venue, wasn't enough though. This afternoon, I helped our friends Andrea and Richard move a few large, heavy objects into their new house just a few blocks down the street. One of the objects was a restaurant-quality stove/oven that would have been an absolute bear to move via the brute force method, but happily Richard had rented a dolly that made light work out of the job. That being said, I suffer from the delusion that as long as I'm wearing gloves I can lift anything... and I was wearing my gloves. So it's just as well that I didn't have to put that delusion to the test.