Long overdue pictures of Arik

Posted on Mon 14 September 2009 in Family

Arik lying on his back

On the comfy handmade quilt that cousin Janet made for him

Arik lying beside a laughing Amber

With the ever-hamming big sister

Arik wearing a bib

The ability to eat solid food is not necessarily a prerequisite for entry to university

Naked Arik crawling on his belly

Risque! Look for a similar pose from him in a centerfold in about 20 years.

Arik and Amber strapped in a bike trailer

The MEC double bike trailer / stroller (2009 edition) is a hit with the kids (and us)

Arik sitting with Grandma on the floor

Sitting up with Grandma at eight months

Arik in a Jolly Jumper

A jovial jumper, he is

Arik playing with the toys in a Jolly Jumper

Activity centres are also a great source of entertainment

Arik smiling, lying on the grass

Here's looking at you, kid (from the Hicks reunion)