As if you didn't see it coming...

Posted on Tue 08 January 2008 in misc

My employer, Laurentian University, issued a press release today announcing that we have selected Evergreen as our future library system. I wrote more about this on the Evergreen blog, but what I didn't say was ... yay!

We still have a long road ahead of us, but knowing that we'll be migrating to a system that I can poke with a sharp stick and make it do my bidding goes a long way towards making me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

I predict that we'll see a few more announcements from universities and colleges in North America joining the Evergreen development effort / adoption process in 2008. Outside of Ontario, I know about the University of Utah' s interest and interest from a New Jersey consortium of academic institutions (see session h. "Open Library Systems and NJ: From Vision to Transformation")... are there other academics who have made public statements of interest in Evergreen that I'm missing out on?