In which my words also appear elsewhere

Posted on Tue 02 December 2008 in misc

I'm excited to announce the availability of my first post as an invited contributor to the More than Bookends blog over at the revamped Academic Matters web site. My fellow contributors are Anne Fullerton and Amy Greenberg, and I'm delighted to be included with them in our appointed task of writing about the position of the librarian in the academy. My focus at Academic Matters is going to be less "hardcore geek" and more approachable to a general audience of "understanding systems librarians in the university: what we do for you". You can always get your hardcore geek fix here at Coffee|Code. Here's a snippet from my first post to give you a feel for what I'm talking about:

... Stefano Mazzochi has some interesting ideas about the impact of interruption on creativity with which I concur. I'm in demand for services both great and small, and it often feels like I'm making no significant progress in any area. This leads directly to tenure deficit disorder, a new condition of anxiety about one's potential for future employment within one's institution...

If you want to read more, come on over to the More than Bookends blog and check out what Anne has to say about open access and what Amy has to say about the everything-old-is-new-again theme of connecting with library users.

Aside: Apologies for the lack of RSS feeds for the site; the blog software that we are using still appears to be under construction. With any luck that will be rectified soon!