Introduction to Evergreen at eIFL-FOSS ILS workshop

Posted on Mon 16 June 2008 in Libraries

I was in Armenia last week, leading a workshop on open source library systems along with Henri Damien Laurent from BibLibre. My charge was to introduce Evergreen and lead participants in two days of hands-on experience with the system; Henri took on the same task for Koha. I cannot say enough good things about our host for the workshop, the Fundamental Library of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia headed up by Tigran Zargaryan; nor can I offer enough compliments to Randy Metcalfe on his skills in ensuring that everything ran smoothly; nor can I express how rewarding it was to meet representatives of so many different countries and how much I enjoyed their company! I look forward to helping the pilot sites succeed with their implementations.

So, for the short term, I'll simply link to the "Introduction to Evergreen" presentation that I gave at the start of the workshop in

OpenOffice and PowerPoint formats (as I promised to the participants). In the next day or two I plan to post a summary of the workshop activities; some of the lessons learned; and where I think I'll focus my attention next.