No "Hot Coffee", please, I'm Canadian

Posted on Fri 17 March 2006 in misc

I took a peek at the stats for Coffee|Code today, and was a wee bit surprised to see that Hot Coffee code was the top search string that brought people to my site. Jeez, and here I was thinking that all these people were enthralled by my tales of losing at online poker...

For those not in the know, Hot Coffee was the name of a patch for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that unleashed the offensive-to-some mini-games of a sexual nature and which led to all kinds of notoriety for the game. Well, even more notoriety than it already had attained for its in-game violence, all of which led to lawsuits and financial troubles for the creator (Take Two Interactive).

If you're one of those hot-n-horny youngsters looking for the Hot Coffee patch (and ironically due to this post it's now even more likely that you've landed here): I have had the game for quite a while, but I don't have the patch (sorry!) and can't offer any insight as to the quality of the resulting mini-games. But look here, kids: this is the Internet. If you're frustrated in your search for the patch, I'm sure you can find much higher quality content of a sexual nature with a simple search on one of those big seach engines (just make sure you turn the "Family Friendly" filter off). Consider that a tip from Uncle Dan.

Heck, I'll even get you slacker kids started. Here's a link to Angelina Jolie rendered in old-school erotic ASCII art, just like I would have painstakingly downloaded at 300 baud from a BBS (although Angelina would have been disturbingly young at the time--let's not think about that, ok?). Most amazing of all, that site is actually a commercial site. Sheesh. You can make money on anything.

Thanks to BoingBoing for the ASCII art link.