PyCon Canada 2013 - PostgreSQL full-text search and Flask

Posted on Fri 05 July 2013 in Python

On August 10, 2013, I'll be giving a twenty-minute talk at PyCon Canada on A Flask of full-text search with PostgreSQL. I'm very excited to be talking about Python, at a Python conference, and to be giving the Python audience a peek at PostgreSQL's full-text search capabilities. With a twenty minute slot, I'll be leaning on my code4lib experience to compress the right amount of technical information into an entertaining package.

Setting aside my talk, the line-up for PyCon Canada looks fantastic; the keynote speakers are Karen Brennan, Hilary Mason, and Jakob Kaplan-Moss, and there are a ton of great talks. Did I mention that I'm really looking forward to this conference?

Update 2013-07-11: Now that the schedule is official, the presentation URL needed to be updated. Also, the impetus for this proposal came straight from PGCon 2013, where the PostgreSQL community was urged to get the good word out about PostgreSQL to other communities. Et voila!