A Flask of full-text search in PostgreSQL

Posted on Sun 11 August 2013 in Python • Tagged with Coding, PostgreSQL, Python, coding, postgresql, python

Update: More conventional versions of the slides are available from Google Docs or in on Speakerdeck (PDF)


On August 10, 2013, I gave the following talk at the PyCon Canada 2013 conference:



I’m a systems librarian at Laurentian University.

For the past six years, my day job and research …

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PyCon Canada 2013 - PostgreSQL full-text search and Flask

Posted on Fri 05 July 2013 in Python • Tagged with Coding, FSOSS, PostgreSQL, Python, coding, fsoss, postgresql, python

On August 10, 2013, I'll be giving a twenty-minute talk at PyCon Canada on A Flask of full-text search with PostgreSQL. I'm very excited to be talking about Python, at a Python conference, and to be giving the Python audience a peek at PostgreSQL's full-text search capabilities. With a twenty …

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