Two! 2! Too! Tu! Tout!

Posted on Sat 10 May 2008 in misc

Ramping up

This year, we hosted a small party focusing on the little ones in Amber's life: a few of her friends from day care, and a friend from up the street.

The amazing cat cake

Lynn used the same carrot cake recipe as last year (nice and tasty!), but this year it came in the appearance of Amber's favourite animal.

She blew out the candle herself. Self! SELF!

Blowing out the candle was a huge success.

Cake distribution went smoothly

Very little cake was wasted in the making of this birthday. Most of the cake was consumed rather than applied to faces or clothes.

Daddy and Amber wound down with a book in the window on a rainy day

Thanks to everyone for their cards and calls and emails celebrating Amber's birthday!