The state of PHP security (LWN article)

Posted on Thu 28 December 2006 in PHP • Tagged with PHP

One of my favourite online publications, the Linux Weekly News, recently published an article called The state of PHP security. Given Stefan's departure, the great taint debate, the addition of ext/filter in 5.2.0 and all of the associated security changes in both the 5.2.x and …

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Double-barreled PHP releases

Posted on Wed 18 October 2006 in PHP • Tagged with Coding, PHP

I'm the proud parent of two new releases over the past couple of days: one official PEAR release for linked list fans, and another revision of the File_MARC proposal for library geeks.


A few days ago marked the first official PEAR release of the Structures_LinkedList. Yes …

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Review: No Nonsense XML Web Development With PHP by Thomas Myer

Posted on Tue 10 January 2006 in PHP • Tagged with PHP

At the end of November, I received a copy of `No Nonsense XML Web Development With PHP <>`__, written by Thomas Myer, from Sitepoint Press. With our move to the Great White North in December …

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Wez Furlong, Oracle's PHP developer of the year

Posted on Mon 21 November 2005 in PHP • Tagged with PHP

Wez beat me to it: I noticed this weekend that Oracle had named him as the PHP Developer of the Year. Part of this is undoubtedly due to the work Wez put into improving the OCI driver and creating the PDO_OCI driver for Oracle -- and that's good for Oracle …

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Investigating portability of PHP applications developed with MySQL

Posted on Sat 17 September 2005 in PHP • Tagged with PHP

The slides for my php|works 2005 presentation, LIMIT Yourself to MySQL No More, are now online. I'll update this entry once I actually get through talking through the slides :-)

Update 2005-09-17


The talk went really well, despite my initial fears that I was running over much of the same …

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Buy a PHP Pocket Reference, donate to Katrina aid (php|arch)

Posted on Thu 08 September 2005 in PHP • Tagged with PHP

php|arch is donating the profits from the sale of their new Pocket PHP Reference (would that be &Pocket then?) to the Canadian Red Cross fund for Hurricane Katrina relief. Buy early, and you may get one of the 50 copies autographed by Rasmus himself. I suppose there's even a …

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"Inside the PHP Documentation" presentation

Posted on Mon 16 May 2005 in PHP • Tagged with PHP

A day or two late, but here are the slides for the "Inside the PHP Documentation" presentation I gave at php|tropics 2005 in sunny Cancun, Mexico.

A total of three "real people" attended; Derick and Andrei don't count because they were driven back into the conference room by the …

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