Live blogging WWdN #16: Robbie Robb Invitational

Posted on Wed 01 March 2006 in Gaming

Last week at the WWdN#15 I exceeded my original goals, but failed to make it to the cash after a couple of my hammer bluffs were called (to ruinous effect) by [STRIKEOUT:evil]wise, astute players.

This week, I have a new goal: I want a piece of that money, baby, that sweet sweet WWdN cash. Dare to dream. I'm going to rub it all over my chest, slide it around between my thighs, and lick it from end to end. Oh yeah... Mmm, that got me going, so I've kind of made a mess of this week's entry fee. You don't mind, do you? Oh? Hmm. Sorry. The reason for my new focus on cash is that I had a bit of a nasty weekend, you see, where I dropped about $150 in a continuous string of bad beats in SNGs. Overall, I'm still up about $350 since starting this whole sordid affair in October... but $500 is such a nice, round number, I would like to get back to it.

I learned last week that Tactix is brother to Joane1111, and also that elcee (not bluegillchow, what was I thinking) is Joanne1111's father. In the interest of full disclosure and honesty, I have to reveal that dsheep is my brother and NHL 200X is my cousin. Interestingly, both of them have been, are now, and will once again be my lovers. So, for all of you people wandering through my blog for the first time shaking your head at my little poker addiction--it's nothing compared to good clean incestuous fun. Whooo!

The live-blogging didn't seem to hurt my game too much last week, so I'll give it a shot again this time around. While you might not get live blogs, you can probably get a much better post-game account from the far more interesting blogs of SirFWALGman and slimeface.

A final note for you slack-jawed cretins who fail to enter the tournament until mere moments before the tourney starts: you can register a few hours ahead of time, turn off your Pokerstars client, and join the game at any time. This leaves you free to have a relaxing dinner with your spouse, teach your nephew some new and obscure profanity, and get half-way through a house repair job before you have to join the game. If you don't register in advance, and you're late, then you miss out on all the fun, period.

So, in your Pokerstars client, go to Tourney -> Private -> WWdN #16 and enter the password monkey. It's a shot at fame, glory, and sweet sweet cash (albeit cash smeared against my body). And it's the best damn fun on the whole dang Intuhnaht!

Next hand: 67 unsuited. Thrown away.

Next hand: KK. Hmm, cowboys! I raise 60, it folds around to DavidK in the big blind. Flop comes 2d-8h-Tc. Looks good to me, DavidK checks, I bet 80, DavidK calls. Turn: Jc. I don't like the potential straight / flush chances, and DavidK opens with a bet of 200. I reraise to 420 figuring this is just his attempt to push me out, and he goes all in. Oddly enough, I completely missed that stop sign, officer... I call, and all I see is DavidK's deuce making a set. Hmm. Awesome, I finished first / last in a tourney I've been looking forward to since last week. Can I change my icon to a donkey? Heh...

8:50 PM: DavidK has frittered away my donation to $2580. Hey man! Invest wisely! :-)

8:54: SERNE has been way down, then come way back to $2160. Mad skills!

8:55: smalldog takes his 705 stack and doubles up when his cowboys defeat A-7 unsuited from SoxLover<./p>

8:58: maigrey's queens take Lcsd114 out of the tournament when his 89 unsuited fail to catch anything... Lcsd114 was down to $50 in chips after DakotaKen kicked him in the crud with a J kicker.

9:01: dsheep makes his first move of the night, betting 715 after the 4-2-9 flop to scare everyone else off. He's up to $2085 as a result.

9:03: Bloody P goes all in with 715 stack to double up when his AJ catches not just one ace, but two aces, to beat sellthekids pocket 5's.

9:07: dsheep playing the bully, reraising at will and forcing maigrey to back down. dsheep is at $2560.

9:08: Did I actually play in this tournament? It's all such a blur... I can guarantee you that live-blogging didn't affect my game at all. No excuses for me.

9:12: kaelinn18 shows up at Pauly's table and turns into a wrecking ball when his/her(?) pocket rockets slam into the pair of queens DrPauly caught on the flop. Exit DrPauly. kaelinn18 is over $5000 in chips and sits in first place in the tourney.

9:16: sellthekids goes down in 75th when his stone-cold 4-3 suited semi-bluff runs into Bloody P's AJ and the community gives him no help.

9:20: kaelinn18 continues to do damage when smalldog's A-3 unsuited withers against kaelinn18's K-T diamonds, which eventually catches two more kings to give her a solid set.

9:32: At the break, we have:

  1. kaelinn18 with 7060
  2. CautionESPN with 6095
  3. Arcon with 6030
  4. heffmike with 5080
  5. peacecorn with 5050
  6. tylerdavis45 with 4805
  7. maigrey with 4760
  8. ricoM with 4050
  9. Trekgal with 3740
  10. brd1968 with 3675
  11. GRobman with 3372

9:45: thebrux reraises Sweet79Chuck's preflop raise all-in -- Sweet79Chuck thinks, calls, and goes down in flames (54th place) when his AQ can't catch up to thebrux's AK.

9:47: WHOA! SERNE smokes Gilain when his pocket kings catch two more kings on the flop, leaving SERNE woefully behind with pocket Q's. SERNE rockets up to $8400 and sites in second place behind CautionESPN.

9:51: A rollercoaster for maigrey when his big slick catches an A on the turn to overtake L0K1's tens -- but of course another ten falls on the river to send maigrey to sleep for the night.

9:53: Trekgal (sporting a nice Dr. Crusher icon) goes all-in to take down a 7130 pot from thebrux when her pocket queens make the set on the flop against thebrux's big slick. Poor thebrux is down to $2530 in chips, while Trekgal moves up to fourth.

9:56: Trekgal takes out pennerii when he goes all-in after the 4-6-K flop; Trekgal calls, showing KQ to pennerii's pocket tens. The kings hold up and Trekgal is up to $7930 in chips.

9:58: BrainMC takes down phluxer's big slick with pocket 7's, making the set on the river for extra burn. BrainMC has $6075 in chips, phluxer goes out in 38th place.

10:00: TSN turning point for L0K1 and heffmike. After a J-K-2 rainbow flop, heffmike responds to L0K1's checkraise by going all-in (raising 5600 to 7400); L0K1 defends hhis pride by calling. L0K1 shows QK, while heffmike shows big slick. L0K1 catches a Q on the river and takes down an $11840 pot, putting him comfortably in first place.

10:04: L0K1 and heffmike are at it again with heffmike's pre-flop all-in; heffmike's pocket 9's go down when L0K1 catches a Q on the flop to pair up his AQ. heffmike is out and L0K1 is even more solidly in first place with the $4560 pot.

10:07: SERNE doubles up against DakotaTen with the classic match-up: pocket aces against cowboys. SERNE's aces hold up leaving DakotaTen with $2020 and giving SERNE $12025 in chips.

10:09: Arcon feels the [STRIKEOUT:Crusher]Trekgal magic when he goes all-in preflop with suited AJ; Trekgal calls with AQ and it holds up for her and a $6520 pot, pushing her over $10000 in chips.

10:19: Joanne1111 on the tightwire with 345, doubles up when she catches a Q on the river to make a pair... then goes all-in preflop to raise 23skidoo, who calls her for the extra $240 bones. 23skidoo has A-T vs. Joanne1111's A-Q, but a T comes down in the flop. Breath is held, then released audibly as Q hits on the turn, followed by another Q on the river -- and Joanne1111 is very much alive in this tourney now, ladies and gentlemen.

10:21: 23skidoo, trying to cling to life after the beat by Joanne, goes all-in preflop with A4 vs. Colombo777's 9-T; a ten hits on the flop, but an ace comes down on the turn to let 23siddo double up.

10:22: dsheep bets his entire pitiful $1400 preflop, called by ricoM -- dsheep shows pocket 7's, ricoM shows pocket 6's, and that's how things stay.

10:25: U-G-L-Y you ain't got no alibi: cfinn calls Bloody P's $2775 all-in and shows Ah-Td to Bloody P's 7's. Four diamonds drop down and Bloody P leaves the game in in 20th place.

10:29: We reach the final 18 when dsheep's rockets decimate ricoM's A9d.

10:30: Trekgal crushes cfinn after the 5-6-2 flop when cfinn decides his big slick is good to go; Trekgal has rockets and sends him on his way.

10:33: Guiness bets 7090 pre-flop, scaring everyone away, and proudly unveils the HAMMER! Awesome.

10:35: Break time, we have:

  1. SERNE: 23555
  2. Trekgal: 17627
  3. GRobman: 14914
  4. brd1968: 13262
  5. RandomSam: 12605
  6. Guinness: 9615
  7. SirFWALGman: 9324
  8. CautionESPN: 9021
  9. TiprJax: 8450
  10. L0K1: 7970
  11. kaelinn18: 7370
  12. dsheep: 6667
  13. peacecorn: 5250
  14. Frank66: 2870

Good time for a break too... your narrator is wearing down quickly. My cat, Spook, has decided to make his displeasure with the lack of attention accorded to him known by sitting on my forearms, limiting my motion and aggravating the building case of tendinitis. Oh the sacrifices I make... 10:41: Break over, Frankl66 goes right to work taking his short stack all in preflp. Guiness calls, shows QQ, and Frankl66 groans as he displays AQ. No aces come down, no straights appear, and Frankl66 exits stage left.

10:44: TripJax goes all in at the 4-K-8 flop with 7050, CautionESPN goes into the think tank before finally calling and revealing K9. TripJax has the rockets and CautionESPN is down to $1100. TripJax is at the 18000 mark.

10:46: More TripJax action as his pocket queens eliminate Guinness and his A-T. That brings TripJax to the $30000 mark... wow.

10:49: L0K1 and CautionESPN split a pot, giving CautionESPN a bit more life (with $583 in chips).

10:50: down to 3500 in chips, dsheep pulls the trigger and goes over the top of SERNE's 3xBB raise with an all-in. SERNE calls, revealing the almighty 58h to dsheep's KJ... and promptly picks up two more fives to make a set, knocking dsheep out in 10th place. Alas, only 9 places paid tonight...

10:51: Trekgal is the first out of the final table.

10:54: GRobman puts the hurt on RandomSam when his jacks knock down cowboys by making the set on the flop. GRobman $30828, RandomSam $14896.

10:59: Hammer flop -- 277! TripJax raises 3000, SERNE calls. Checks through the turn (5). SERNE raises 6400 on the river (J) and TripJax folds with a few moments of thought. The crowd sighs in disappointment that no hammer was revealed...

10:51: GRobman's powerhouse KJ busts bdr1968's JJ with a K on the turn. The $44530 pot goes to GRobman and bdr1968 is out in 7th place.

11:04: High drama on the random seas as RandomSam goes all-in with big slick versus SERNEs JJ... flop is 54A, but the turn is a J, and the river is another A, giving RandomSam the best possible losing hand :-)

11:25: TripJax (AK) takes out GRobman (TJ suited). Final four are:

  1. SERNE: 41945
  2. SirFWALGman: 39073
  3. kaellinn18: 34668
  4. TripJax: 29514

... and I think it's good night for me.