Walking: away from online poker, towards the fambly

Posted on Sun 18 June 2006 in Gaming • Tagged with Poker

I'm sure it has nothing to do with Amber, but my brain has faded into pure fuzziness the past couple of weeks. I'm missing appointments (both work and personal) and frequently wander from one room to the other wondering why I left the other room in the first place. Hell …

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Live-blogging WWdN: godard invitational

Posted on Wed 24 May 2006 in Gaming • Tagged with Poker

Had a baby 2.1777 weeks ago, have a cold, had visitors tonight, joined 20 minutes late with my stack blinded down to T1410, jumped into the action, bounced up to T2100 pretty quickly, hung out and watched Wil's JJ fall to CJ's KK, followed shortly by NHL 200X's …

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Live-blogging WWdN IlliniFan Invitational

Posted on Wed 03 May 2006 in Gaming • Tagged with Poker

As Gibby Haynes of the Butthole Surfers liked to sing:

I'm all hopped up on cough syrup now


It seems it's pollen season, and up here in Sudbury the birch trees have these massively well-hung pollen dispensers:


Well-hung pollen unit

And yours truly has a backyard that's filled with birch …

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I shall have my revenge!

Posted on Tue 02 May 2006 in Gaming • Tagged with Poker

Hmm... perhaps I played this one (45-player SNG) just a bit too tight:

During current Hold'em session you were dealt 58 hands and saw flop: - 2 out of 7 times while in big blind (28%) - 1 out of 9 times while in small blind (11%) - 4 out of 42 times …

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Live-blogging WWdN Change100 Invitational

Posted on Wed 19 April 2006 in Gaming • Tagged with Poker

No tourney next week, so I guess I've gotta do good this time around. Except doing good means actually making a decision on all hands, and since I started late tonight that's not how things went... I sat out the first four hands, including when I was big blind, and …

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Live-blogging WWdN, presdlee invitational

Posted on Wed 12 April 2006 in Gaming • Tagged with Poker

I was there last [STRIKEOUT:night]week when Wil got all of his chips in with jacks against presdlee's aces... I met my own demise when I raised to 5X the BB with QJo at M9 and ArtOfSuckout decided to call when he was holding the mighty 58s -- and caught …

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Semi-live-blogging WWdN #21, jg-2323 invitational

Posted on Tue 28 March 2006 in Gaming • Tagged with Poker

Last time around, I ended up taking third place in this damn tourney (incurring the wrath of SirFWALGman when I dared to call his all-in, representing 40% of my chips, from my position in the big blind with A8o and ended up sucking out against his ATs. Ah well... we …

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Live-blogging WWdN #-something, pink floyd in the house

Posted on Wed 22 March 2006 in Gaming • Tagged with Poker

Ugh, I'm twin-tabling (thanks to deciding to play a warm-up sit'n'go) and trying to live blog, this should be ugly!

8:30 - farmboy03, hacker59, SirFWALGman, denials, smalldog, cailin deas, Rogue23 are at my table. Tough sledding ahead!

8:35 - I try to limp in and am chided (after a raise …

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Stop me if you've heard this one before

Posted on Wed 15 March 2006 in misc • Tagged with Poker

Yup, tonight I'm live blogging WWdN #18: Fishy McDonk Invitational Part Deux, which is just like last week's live blog, only this time it's personal. Or something like that.

Last week, for the second week in a row, I bowed out of the tournament due to a short-stacked hammer. To …

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Live blogging WWdN #17: Fishy McDonk Invitational

Posted on Wed 08 March 2006 in Gaming • Tagged with Poker

Hmm, so last week my filthy goal of finishing in the money came up a bit short (about 30 places short) when my short-stacked pocket eights met pocket jacks and came out the worse for wear. I've noticed a little pattern in the last two weeks of my play: when …

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