Live-blogging WWdN: godard invitational

Posted on Wed 24 May 2006 in Gaming

Had a baby 2.1777 weeks ago, have a cold, had visitors tonight, joined 20 minutes late with my stack blinded down to T1410, jumped into the action, bounced up to T2100 pretty quickly, hung out and watched Wil's JJ fall to CJ's KK, followed shortly by NHL 200X's failed attempt to steal on the turn against a set of sixes.

The WWdN is now pretty much the only poker action that I'm going to see for the foreseeable future; Amber is gasp much more important than poker. But enough people seem to like reading this live blog, and the WWdN is just so much fun, that I'm going to to try to hang in there for one night a week.

Which means that, now that I've cashed out most of my bankroll, if I actually want to play for any amount of time in the future, I'm going to have to make money at the WWdN. Good luck, I know! And if I want to last deep into the tourney, I'm going to have to stop making loose calls like defending my AQo big blind against an 8x BB bet from AlCantHang... maybe if AAQ hit on the flop I would have stuck around for the turn, but 664 meant that I was checking and then folding once Al made his inevitable bet on the flop. Ah well... back to my starting wages, it seems.

9:17 - Pocket sevens in early position, I raise to 300 (3xBB), and ricoM immediately calls. 234 rainbow on the flop, so I bet 300, and ricoM calls again. An ace on the turn, I bet 400, and ricoM raises me... I fold, and shore enough, the bastard was holding AKo. I'm happy he showed, but damn, that hurts a bit. My stack is now in the T600 range. Not good, captain.

9:24 - A9h, in early position with T475, and the big blind (100) coming around; I attempt the hoyazo -- but xkm1245 pushes with his significantly larger stack, silencing any possible conversation. He has ATo, and as I catch neither a flush nor a 9 I go home in 34th place: right in the middle of the 68-player field. Ah well; that's what I get for mixing money talk with the WWdN.

9:29 - I'm followed very rapidly by Katitude, whose attempt to push with the hammer is called by ClaudiaPadme's AQo. Claudia pairs up the queen, and Katitude takes 33rd place. It happens to the best of them, I'm afraid.