Semi-live-blogging WWdN #21, jg-2323 invitational

Posted on Tue 28 March 2006 in Gaming

Last time around, I ended up taking third place in this damn tourney (incurring the wrath of SirFWALGman when I dared to call his all-in, representing 40% of my chips, from my position in the big blind with A8o and ended up sucking out against his ATs. Ah well... we both made it to the final table of the Wil Freakin' Wheaton tourney, and walked away with money, so hopefully blogger bygones can be blogger bygones.

I call it semi-live this time around because there's a horrendous possibility that I might not be able to make it in time for the start of this event, due to some real-life not-in-front-of-the-computer-screen interactions going down at our local Timmy Ho's. So, I apologize in advance if I'm at your table sitting out and screwing up the flow of the game; rest assured that I will be back in time to check my hand history and discover that a long string of AA, KK, QQ have passed me by :-) Feel free to make this a collaborative effort by posting comments with updates to the live action in my absence!

And just a quick shout-out to Rookette22, Slimeface, and drewspop -- hope I get to see you folks at the table tonight!


I arrived around a half an hour late, but still had about T1200 in my stack. Seated at the table was drewspop, L Fudpill, albHammer, SoxLover, kaellinn18, farmboy03, and mowenumdown -- quite the crew! On my first hand back, kaellinn18's flopped set of jacks gave way to SoxLover's set of kings, knocking Matt out of the tourney.

A few hands later, with K6s in the small blind, I raised it up against farmboy03. He called, I caught a king on the flop, and after extracting a bit more cash from him after the flop farmboy03 folded at the turn. But he took my number with that fold, as you'll see.

About two hands later, I wound up with pocket aces in late position. Sweet. farmboy03, with a crippled stack of T475, moved all-in in EP. The table folded around to me, and I gladly called. He flipped over a pair of fives, and I was happy. Until his five dropped on the flop, and no aces turned up for me. Sigh. That left me with T855 in chips, still plenty to work with, and I quickly popped back up over a thousand.

Plenty, that is, until I went card-dead for the next fifteen minutes and began slowly getting blinded down. I was at T705 when GarthMeister, with T455, pushed all-in. I had pocket fours and thought, well, I'm not sure what I thought. I think the problem with this hand was that I had already determined that I had to take my shot with the low pocket pair, hadn't anticipated somebody else making a move, and fell back on pushing my chips in anyways. We were isolated, and I guess I was expecting a race against something like AKo or AQo... instead, Garth had pocket kings and he handily took my chips (despite the suckout straight that almost materialized).

There was no miracle comeback from T250 for me that night. On the next hand I pushed in from EP with TJo and lost out to hoyazo's paired-up ace. It was a good night; I was happy that I got the chance to play with only a slightly weakened stack after having to miss the start of the tourney, I got a couple of good starting hands (even if they ended up as bad beats) and I did get to see some familiar, friendly [STRIKEOUT:faces]icons out there. Until next time, folks!