Live-blogging WWdN #-something, pink floyd in the house

Posted on Wed 22 March 2006 in Gaming

Ugh, I'm twin-tabling (thanks to deciding to play a warm-up sit'n'go) and trying to live blog, this should be ugly!

8:30 - farmboy03, hacker59, SirFWALGman, denials, smalldog, cailin deas, Rogue23 are at my table. Tough sledding ahead!

8:35 - I try to limp in and am chided (after a raise) that there shall be no limping tonight. I counter by confiding that my new strategy is to play weak tonight. Waffles sounds surprised as he asks "just tonight?". I fold.

8:43 - On the other (non-WWdN) table, I'm down to 1000 after folding every hand. I pick up A-T and raise to 3xBB. One guy calls, another raises all-in, and as they're both pretty low on chips I figure it's probably my best shot at fixing my short-stacked situation. I call and they flip over pocket 4's and pocket 5's. My ace comes on the flop and I'm suddenly doing all right.

8:48 - Waffles takes damage when yestbay1 takes Waffles' hammer to the bank. SirWAFLGMan is down to 315 and cackles gleefully "Now I can play super aggressive!". It's scary and true.

8:54 - I'm out of the other game, after my JQo bet in early position met up with a re-raise that pushed me all in. Looking at the possibility of being down to T1000 with BB at 400, hmm, maybe I shouldn't have been in on that hand after all... now I had to call, and found AKo staring at me. The miracle did not happen, and I went home in 15th place.

8:57 - Kc-Jh, for some reason I feel it necessary to call hacker59's raise to 90 (3xBB). I catch top pair on the flop (Td-3c-Jc) and reraise hacker59's 150 bet to 300. He calls, checks when the turn comes up Ac, and I bet the mysterious 222. He thinks, raises me all-in, and I go into the tank before calling. Not sure why, but that nut flush draw looks pretty tempting. I was also thinking, hmm, he has me covered for chips, perhaps he's trying to feed on my weakness. So when I call and see that, no, in fact the ace enabled him to hit his straight, I'm feeling pretty foolish. Of course, a club falls on the river and I feel pretty bad, chanting "u-g-l-y I ain't got no alibi" to soothe myself. But I do have a lot of chips now.

9:06 - That's probably why, when I raise 222 preflop with AQo and cailin deas calls, I'm pretty happy when the flop comes down 7h-Kh-As. I bet 222, and apparently cailin deas is happy too, as he reraises me to 450. I call, and the turn is a 6s. I bet 386 -- about half of cailin deas's remaining stack -- and he calls. The river is a 9c, taking away flush possibilities, and I bet 377 to push cailin deas all in (after he says "well, I could use an early night"). He turns over Ah-5h, and I find myself sitting in second place.

9:11 - Hammer! I raise 226, and SirWAFLGMan calls (the bastard). Flop is 334, and I bet 224... Waffles folds, and for the first time in my life I get to drop the hammer without getting knocked out of the game :-)

9:20 - SirWAFLGMan asks me how I got into second; I tell him "sucking hard". He promptly makes a set from the turn on his pocket 7s to usurp jandel from first place and take first place himself.

9:21 - I respond by scaring people off with my 333 post-flop bet to take first place away from Waffles. The race is on...

9:23 - yestbay1 doubles up when his ace proves to be a better kicker than jandel's king. You have to hate AQ vs. KQ when you hit top pair with that queen.

9:30 - At the break, I am no longer #1 (sigh). On the last pre-break hand, I gave away around 700 in chips to smalldog, who had pocket tens that made a set on the river. The standings are as follows:

  1. presdlee - 5445
  2. denials - 4906
  3. CawtBluffin - 4610
  4. yestbay1 - 4330
  5. BulletJoe34 - 4205
  6. SirFWALGMan - 4199
  7. HighOnPokr - 3880
  8. L0K1 - 3721
  9. ig-2323 - 3635
  10. S.t.B - 3260
  11. 23skidoo - 3150
  12. Boobie Lover - 2990
  13. Sox Lover - 2845

Note that I went to the top 12 tonight, as I just loved those last nicks so much.

9:40 - mowenumdown doubles up against SirFWALGman when A9o makes a flush against Waffle's AJo. Not sure how they got to betting 2000 pre-flop, but there you have it :-)

10:00 - Hmm, just folded when my Kc-Qc found a three-diamond flop and an all-in from jandel, who kindly showed me two more diamonds. That knocked me back down to T3300 and about 18th place out of the remaining 28 players.

10:09 - Poor godard. UTG I felt confident in my AQo and bet out to 4xBB. godard went all-in (around 11xBB), but as a new arrival little did he know that this had been the table of many a suckout. He was called by jandel with almost an identical stack, and I completed the madness. godard had pocket 3s, jandel had ATo, and the community brought down two pair (7s and Js) to knock out godard and split the pot between jandel and I. I suspect having Rookette22 rail-birding for me helped me out a bit there. Thanks Rookette22!

10:21 - After a long, valiant, short-stacked fight, GScottW goes down with great honour as he goes all-in with his 767 pre-flop. mowenumdown calls, and it's his Ad-Jd versus GScottW's hammer! They both catch a piece of the flop, but GScottW can't overcome his hammer and goes out in style.

10:26 - SirWAFLGMan (back at the table, now directly to my left) doubles up with the big slick against astin's pocket threes when the flop brings an ace to bear. SirWAFLGman is up to T6200, and astin is out of the tourney.

10:29 - We're down to 14 players, I'm at T4000 in chips with the BB at 400. I can live a while longer.

10:35 - Well, last hand pre-break, UTG I bet half my chips on ATo. I really wouldn't mind just stealing the blinds, but mowenumdown comes over the top to push me all in. I call, rather resigned, and see his KK to confirm the deal. But the poker gods have other ideas and double me up with 2-3-4-5 in the community. Crazy! mowenumdown is quite graceful about my rather evil suckout, perhaps because he was in the last 30 of some 1000-player tourney on PartyPoker a few minutes ago... That has to help salve the wounds :-)

10:41 - First hand post-break I'm in the BB (at 600) and fold to yestbay1's 2xBB bet. Second hand, I have AJo and call S.t.B.'s all in of T2200. His pocket 7s are good until the river, when the jack comes down and gives me another improbable set of chips. I'm thinking I don't deserve to be here at the moment, as luck has been my route to the final 10 of this tourney. Oh the shame!

10:46 - L0K1's turn to suck out a bit as, in the big blind, his 553 chips automatically push him all in. I call, SirFWALGMan calls, but BulletJoe34 raises to 2400 and Waffles and I grumble and fold. Turns out that BulletJoe34 has pocket 7s versus L0K1's 7s-9s, but L0K1 catches a straight to quadruple up and catch a second wind!

10:49 - I steal the blinds and drop the hammer (to utter silence -- WTF?)

10:51 - My first final nine in a WWdN tourney! Here are the players and seating positions:

  1. SirFWALGMan - 9058
  2. wigginx - 9144
  3. BulletJoe34 - 12836
  4. presdlee - 30108 (SB)
  5. HighOnPokr - 2853 (BB)
  6. denials - 10824
  7. yestbay1 - 8422
  8. Sweet79Chuck - 4500
  9. Maudie - 6755

10:52 - Final eight. Sweet79Chuck, with T4450, bets 2200 pre-flop. With A8o I reraise him to 4000. He calls, and the flop is Jc-5d-7c. I push him all in, and he shows KTo. He doesn't improve, and I'm up to T15000.

Yes, the final five in WWdN some pink floyd thing!

10:58 - Final five. In the big blind, I find Ad-8h. What's that they say about ace-anything being good with six or fewer players? SirFWALGMan raises all-in, and although I have a huge amount of respect for his play, it seems quite out of character for him to go all-in pre-flop. Suspecting weakness, and having him covered, I call him, and he turns over As-Ts. I guess he was pretty serious. The flop brings three diamonds with it, though, and I am embarassed to complete the flush on the turn. But knowing that I know have a good chance of lasting longer helps balance out the embarassment. Final three!11:09 - In the final three, we trade button raises around for a while. Everything is going swimmingly; BulletJoe34 and I are about even with T24000 each, while the fetching presdlee has bout T44000. I raise to 3200 with JQo, but this time presdlee in the BB reraises to T110000. Hmm. I suspect that it's a semi-bluff, and really should fold, but since I just polished off my first beer of the night over the last ten minutes I'm not thinking too straight and push all-in. He calls, and shows KQo -- barring a high pair, one of the worst hands I could see. Two kings on the flop seal the deal, and I'm out in third place.