Live blogging WWdN#15: KentAllard Invitational

Posted on Tue 21 February 2006 in Gaming • Tagged with Poker

Last time I tried this live-blogging thing, I reached my goal of placing in the top 100. Of course, there were only 99 registered players, and I placed 99th, so that was the wrong kind of outstanding finish.

This time, I'm aiming a bit higher:

  • Not be the first person …

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Bankroll is replenished

Posted on Sun 12 February 2006 in Gaming • Tagged with Poker

I sent the following email to my beloved cousin Jason, and thought that it might be interesting fare for anyone checking out my poker action. By way of explanation, I've cashed out from Pokerstars a couple of times now; once after I cleared my last deposit bonus, and once recently …

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Live blogging the WWdN Sabboth Invitational

Posted on Tue 07 February 2006 in Gaming • Tagged with Poker

Wil's hosting his usual Tuesday night game tonight at 8:30 PM EST: I got knocked out 53rd out of 118 players last week... this time around I'm hoping to get closer to the bubble. But how the hell am I going to concentrate on my game if I'm live …

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My online poker habit

Posted on Sat 15 October 2005 in Gaming • Tagged with Personal

Well, I seem to have caught a bit of the online poker bug. I started playing poker a few years ago on a monthly basis with friends from work, and had a lot of fun, but the frequency died down when the host's first child arrived and I found myself …

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